android or chrome os on a desktop?

goshawk on horseback

hello all,
am currently running win7 on my desktop machine, but seemingly support for this is going to end this coming january.
not only do I not really want windows 10, as I have just heard so many stories of access issues with it, especially when it comes to those pesky ribbon menus, but as my current screenreader is window-eyes, that seemingly won't work with it as well.
so if I have got to change both my os and screenreader, rather than the win10 rout, I wondered if there is any sort of android desktop machine?
as at least having used that on my samsung phone, if there is, I thought that may be a better rout to go.
if that's not possible, another option that I am considering, is something like chrome os, again, if I can find that on a desktop machine, so am wondering if anyone has had any experience of this with it's screenreader, and range of apps?
as I have heard a few good things about this, but don't really know that much about it.

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