Re: questions about wifi extenders

Troy Burnham

Hi Dave,

I don't really know the answers to any of your questions below. I do know that I called spectrum a few weeks ago when the problem started getting worse, and apparently some changes were made and the rep told me that if that didn't help that I could call back and they'd send somebody here to check things out. It took a few days but it eventually did start happening again, so I called again and when the second rep checked my router settings he said that it was on a setting that caused the connection to switch channels now and then. He changed it back to the setting where it wouldn't change channels since that's evidently for people living in apartment buildings or something like that where more than one user may be using the same channel, I live in a house btw, and that's when a service man was sent to check things out on my end. This service man was the one who told me that I'm apparently very near the end of the line of where their service extends too, and he was the one who said that he'd put in a work order for a booster to be installed.

I don't know if anybody around me uses road runner, the next door neighbor I think has Dish but I'm not sure where they get their internet from. I don't know of anybody else who has road runner either, I will say that aside from the next door neighbor the next closest house to us is across the street, and an elderly lady lives there and if she even has an internet connection I highly doubt it's road runner. I can't comment on anybody else, but there are very few houses close to me with most of them being further down the street in either direction, so I don't know if anything they do could interfere with my connection even if they do get their internet from road runner.


On 10/9/2019 2:01 PM, David Mehler wrote:
Hello Troy,

Question first, what kind of equipment (router and modem make and
model) do you have? What is your service plan with spectrum?

Have you had them run a noise test from there to you? If so what does that say?

And lastly, have you checked either with you or them, if you've got
any Wifi points around you that are on the same channel as yours etup?


On 10/9/19, Troy Burnham <troyburnham34@...> wrote:
Hi all,

This is a pretty in depth explanation of what's going on so please stick
with me because I have a question at the end.

Road runner is my internet provider and Spectrum is my cable tv
provider. I go in an online chat room almost every day, in fact 2
different ones but they're on the same site, and I use my iPhone to
chat. Lately I've been having more and more trouble staying connected
and in the chat rooms, and often even though I don't get kicked off the
chat server I'm told that my transmissions start breaking up and I'm
hard to understand.

Also, I have an Amazon echo with alexa, and every once in a while the
connection to whatever I'm listening to through the echo will stop
playing and when I ask alexa to start it again she says that she's
having problems understanding and to please try again a little later. I
even use the ambient sleep sounds to help me sleep at night, and a few
times the sound I use has stopped in the middle of the night and when I
ask alexa to restart it I get the message that she is having trouble
understanding and to please try again later.

Spectrum came last week and checked my router and they said there are no
problems with it, but I found out that I'm right at the outer limits of
their wifi service and that's where my question comes in. The guy told
me that he's putting in a work order for a booster to be put on my line
but he said it could take as long as a month to get this done. My
question then is if a wifi extender would help my problem because if it
would I might go ahead and buy one myself and start using it instead of
waiting for Spectrum to put the wifi booster on the lines.

Thanks in advance for any opinions on this matter.


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