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Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) which is what type of battery I'm sure is within this laptop, is best never completely drained nor completely charged to 100% and keep in mind, this is what professionals are saying and have been saying for several years about Lithium-Ion batteries not just myself.

One of the best articles I've read on this particular issue regarding Li-Ion batteries, was not to completely charge these types of batteries to 100% and, try to not allow it to go below 40%. Definitely never try to allow to completely and fully drain either. With Lithium-Ion batteries, I guess the hardest things is either charging all the way up to 100% or allow the battery to completely discharge to 0%, just not at all good for these types of batteries.

They would typically say try and keep your Li-Ipon batteries between 40% to 80% and this is many professionals opinions regarding this matter, but by all means continue to do whatever it is that you do (which is what most of us do anyways).

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Recently I got a new computer. It is one of those models that it seems
like 'everything' is soldered to the motherboard. I would appreciate
knowledge/advice concerning how to make the best use of my battery to
preserve it's life as long as possible.

To me, it seems like there are only 2 options. Run the laptop plugged
directly into a wall outlet all the time, or run the laptop only off
battery power. until it is totally discharged

and then use it plugged in until the battery is charged again...then
switch back to Battery power.

I just would like to power the machine in the way that would be best for it.

Help Please and many thanks in advance.


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