Re: Dear Friends, How do I tell if I have a 32 Bit or 64 bit Windows 7 machine? Thanks!


I am sure there are more than one way to tell if your System is a 64 bit
or 32 bit, but here's how I find out.

I look on the C: Drive, at the folders.  If you have One folder that is
named PROGRAM FILES, and another called, PROGRAM FILES X86, then you
have a 64 bit System.

If you do not have a folder named PROGRAM FILES, but only have the one
named PROGRAM FILES X86, then this would be a 32 bit System.

When installing software, if the software getting installed is a 32 bit
program, it will be installed into the PROGRAM FILES X86 folder.  If it
happens to be a 64 bit program, it would be installed into the PROGRAM
FILES folder.

I just thought of another way-

In the Search Field, type, System Info and press the Enter Key.

This should bring up info about your computer, and I think it should
tell you what edition of Windows and whether it is 64 or 32 bit.    It
should tell you the Chip speed and the amount of Memory on board too.

Now, I haven't just tried this on my own system, but this info came from
some of the dusty crevices in my Brain.

Grumpy Dave

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