songs out of order when I sinc with itunes

Josh Kennedy



I downloaded 134 episodes of a tv show, and then I converted those videos to mp3 with pizera free audio video converter. To make sure the episodes played in order, I named the files using nunbers like this.

01.mp3, 02.mp3, 03.mp3, 04.mp3, 05.mp3, and so on.

Here is the problem. When I open the files in the file explorer of windows10. They all show up in order and they play in order. But when I sinc them with my iPhone/iPod touch using iTunes, most of the episodes get out of order, and they get named with their mp3 tags. I tried sorting and different stuff but they are still out of order when I add the folder of mp3s to my iTunes library and sinc with my iPod touch or iPhone. So how do I keep the files in order to ensure that episode1 plays first, then episode2, 3, 4, etcetera? I tried adding the folder and changing its media kind to podcasts, and also audiobooks, still no go. The files do not play in the right order, even though they show up in order on the windows10 computer. Please help me to get them to play in order somehow when they are synked over to the iPhone.







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