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I've read articles on the subject and what I do, others may do different thinhhgs depending on how they use the computer, is to have the power adapter plugged in when I use it, and have it unplugged when I don’t. 
That helps me not overcharge nor undercharge the battery. 

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Subject: [TechTalk] Laptop Battery Use


Recently I got a new computer.  It is one of those models that it seems
like 'everything' is soldered to the motherboard.  I would appreciate
knowledge/advice concerning how to make the best use of my battery to
preserve it's life as long as possible.

To me, it seems like there are only 2 options.  Run the laptop plugged
directly into a wall outlet all the time, or run the laptop only off
battery power.  until it is totally discharged

and then use it plugged in until the battery is charged again...then
switch back to Battery power.

I just would like to power the machine in the way that would be best for it.

Help Please and many thanks in advance.


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