Re: Laptop Battery Use

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Nancy, just follow your computer's manual. You should be able to grab a
copy, perhaps .pdf formatted, FROM YOUR COMPUTER'S MAKERS WEBSITE. Else, if
you can share more details about make and model, and you are having
difficulties finding the manual, any number of us in this space will
probably help you fish it out. I certainly would love to try helping in
this way.

I've never had problems managing batteries; may be I'm a child with a golden
spoon in my wee, small hands, and a diamond one upon my tongue. But, with
all the tinkering I do with computers and similar toys in general, I'm yet
to run afoul of anything. That said, I return to my torture chambers where
a few new toys are waiting impatiently for their torture session!

Denver, Colorado

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