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Be very suspicious of what health people tel you will be easier because they may wel be basing their statements on some completely inaccurate idea about blindness. 
The wrist ones are less accurate.  As far as accuracy and quality, I can't compare different brands nor apps versus stand alone units.  I can tell you that Speak to Me has a unit, I believe the same stand alone machine is available at Walgreen's, but others might definitely know and it may be a little less.  But I tend to support blind small businesses, even if I pay a little more. 
I havewn't compared my unit to other machines, but it appears to be reasonably accurate, though that is more a guess and an Impression than a statement.  Whatever the case, even if mine isn't particularly accurate, it gives me an idea if my blood pressure is more or less within the limits it should be.  I would suggest that, if you get one, take it to a doctor's office where they take manual blood pressure measurements and compare three readings of your machine to three readings they get. 

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I'm also looking for one. The nurse that came here told me to get a
wrist one because it would probably be easier than having to use the arm

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