the New Sonos Play:5 Speakers are accessible

Robin Frost

When Sonos the manufacturer of a popular line of wireless music system announced that they’d be releasing a new version of their play:5 speaker including
a touch panel there was some chatter on various lists and social media of blind people expressing concern regarding the accessibility of this platform
going forward.
I’m happy to report that every aspect of their commitment to universal design and accessibility seems to be in tact. Setting up the new play:5’s is just
as easy as it ever had been before and even the touch panel on the top of the unit can be found, interacted upon to mute or pause audio and change volume
settings with no tactile markings necessary. the unit emits mild unobtrusive tones to alert you that an action has taken place and which direction you
might be swiping the volume controls.
So in summary you can still control the unit via the iOS app as well as through interacting with the unit itself.
I’m very impressed and am pleased that my faith in their commitment has been aptly rewarded. I’m glad to have supported them with the power of my purchasing
dollars once again.
Happy listening one and all.

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