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Carolyn Arnold

I never have a problem getting my arm blood pressure monitor
in place and adjusted using one hand.

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Really? Once you slide the cuff in place around your upper
arm, if you unfasten the velcro fasteners to make the cuff
tighter with your free hand , it is liable to fall off or
slide out of place unless you have somebody else on hand to
help you adjust it. My doctor has advised me never to
attach the cuff this way because it could result in
inaccurate readings. He suggested that if I didn't have
another person on hand to wrap the cuff properly around my
upper arm, then I should consider a wrist monitor instead.


On 10/14/2019 11:57 PM, Gene wrote:

You could easily tighten it and experiment.

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That would be my problem, Gerald. I would make it
too loose.


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