Re: R.I.P Carlos


Beautiful for sharing, and your words there at the bottom (copied below), beautiful times my friend, beautiful times.


“It may not leave your device, but I'll bet y'all anything he gets it!  We miss you and God bless you Carlos!”


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Hi All,


Just wanted to give the list a reminder that it was 2 years ago today Carlos passed away from ongoing liver problems.


I won't say how y'all should remember him, but it sure would be nice for y'all to do it.  He was one of the most intelligent and computer savvy people around.  He helped thousands if not tens of thousands of people on several different mail lists' before starting this list, Tech Talk, in August of 2015.  Below is the eamail invitation he sent out.


Hello everyone,
My name is Carlos and many of you may know me from various mail lists. I now cordially invite all of you to join my new TechTalk list on Of course there are already many such lists and my goal is not to compete with or replace them, but to offer a more open minded environment where all types of technology can be discussed without fear of topics being prematurely cut short. I would also like to create an environment where the list owner/moderator is more involved and approachable. Feel free to spread word of the list and encourage subscriptions.
Hope to see you all on the list,


Well, Gene has taken over the reins and has done an excellent job and this is what Carlos had wanted as one of his dying wishes.


So folks, next time you look up, give a great big, HOWDY, to Carlos!  And the next time you're on your smart phone, computer or whatever tablet send him a text or email at,  carlos@...


It may not leave your device, but I'll bet y'all anything he gets it!  We miss you and God bless you Carlos!



Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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