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David Moore <jesusloves1966@...>

I would like to give my thanks to Carlos as well, and I know he is rooting for us!

Where Carlos is, is a perfect place as described in Revelation, and he would not want to come back here!

He is waiting for us to come to him, I am sure of that!

I still use his programs, and virtual recorder is still a great program, and his Windows 10 installers are a great help!

God bless Debbie, and those who got the ball rolling!

I have been a real techie for only five years.

When I learned JAWS 20 years ago, I had a great teacher to get me started.

Take care, all, and God bless!

David Moore


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From: Moty Azrad
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Dear friends,


Sure, Janet, Alan, and others - I do know to appreciate any help and Carlos,

Debbie Scales a few years ago too were sure first, our friends, they did the

best to help everyone and their support was much helpful - so we the blind

pc users can struggle the new tech every day.

We can see now another good friends who help us and sure we can say to them,

thanks, a lot of thanks for your support.






Moti Azrad 

Musician and Piano-Tuner          











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Subject: Dear Friends, Indeed a beautiful message, and may I add ...

[TechTalk] Letter To Carlos!


Dear Friends, Indeed this is a beautiful message, and may I add ...   Dear

Carlos,  Pleas give all my love and gratitude to Debi Scales, who ran a list

like this some 10 years or so ago,  for many years, but was taken from this

earth at such a young age.


I am sure you have met her up there!


But she got so many of us started with JAWS when it first  came out, and

being used!


I have seen some folks on this list who were on her  list, called "JAWS

Lite", they are still giving assistance to us slow bucks, like they did some

15  or more years ago!


I  would like to thank all of these generous and kind folks also!

With best regards.

God Bless.


Plantation, Sunny South Florida


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> Oh, this is beautiful!  It brought tears to my eyes.  Pam.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Letter To Carlos!


Hi All,

Well as expected, my letter to Carlos didn't leave my computer, but I would

like to share it with you all.  I copied and pasted below.


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

carlos@... (carlos@...)

Your message couldn't be delivered. The Domain Name System (DNS) reported

that the recipient's domain does not exist.


You can bet Carlos fixed it so he will get all our messages!  Smile!



I can't say enough just how much I miss your personality, knowledge, your

kindness, your patience, your understanding!  You were a brother, a tech

professor, a friend!  It is people like you who touch so many people's

lives!  You are so much missed, but I'm sure you know that by now.  Friend,

you were one of a kind, and you will be missed by so many for so long!  I'm

sure if anyone up there needs any tech assistance, you are the first one

they come to, and I'm sure you still love all the tech, and I'm sure you


all of us who are still struggling with all the new tech that came along

since you have been gone, and I'm sure you still wish you were physically

here to help us!  Carlos, I lost a very dear friend a few weeks ago, and


first thing that came to my mind, well, she must be up there with Carlos.

What else can I say, but your forever friend still misses you, and wishes

you were still physically here, and will for a long time.

I also want to thank you for who you picked for owner of your list Gene, as

he is doing a wonderful job, and I'm sure you are proud of him.  Gene,

> hasn't been feeling too well lately, so please Pray for him.

God Bless you friend, may you rest in Peace, until we meet!


Your Forever Friend!  Janet


Peace Be With You.


Peace Be With You.






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