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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Well, let's quickly correct a few impressions: Eloquence For Android is
going away. CodeFactory claims not to be making enough to justify continued
update. Hmm, why is that the case for CodeFactory?

For the most part, in Androidville, when your app offering is over-priced,
it will die. Reason? There are too many apps to choose from that either
exceed, or come close to exceeding what the over-priced app does. In the
case of Eloquence, $18.99-$19.99 is a tad high; there are TTS's as low as
$3.99 and some are even free.

The other problem going for CodeFactory is that it DOES NOT WISH to CONVERT
the Eloquence 32Bit code to a 64Bit code. Hmm, that's crazy 'cause in a few
short years, Google will NO LONGER ACCEPT 32Bit code apps in its Play Store.

All that aside, if you currently have Eloquence For Android, you can
continue to use it until 64Bit code requirement kicks in in full force.
And, we're just about a bit over a year close to that.
Please note that Eloquence For Windows will still be available from
CodeFactory; in that wise, no need to fret if Windows is your OS toy!

Denver, Colorado

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