Re: Brand new to Mac, is Macbook Pro A1502 a good starter machine

chris judge

Yes, I found that as well. No matter how hard I tried I could not rap my head around voice over on the mac.


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I had a macbook pro back in 2010. I used it for a month and then went back to windows. I like my iPhone/iPod touch. But I would never get a mac again.
first, you have to always interact and stop interacting with objects to get anything done. Lets say you are on a toolbar. First to see what is in the toolbar you have to hit a special command to interact with it. And in some cases you have to hit that command 2 or 3 times to do what you want. Then you have to stop interacting for an equal amount of times to get back to where you were previously at. Also the mac does not have eloquence and all the tts voices my pc has. So that was another letdown for me. And last, I could not do advanced stuff in microsoft office such as reading charts in excel with jaws. So if you need advanced office stuff. Sorry, the mac won't let you do some of that. And also, audio games. There are many more audio games for windows than there are for the mac. So even though I had a macbook pro, after less than a month, I installed windows7 onto it using bootcamp and mostly booted the mac into windows and used it as a really expensive overkill pc. And since it was windows running on mac, it did have some issues with audio, the keyboard and some other stuff I do not remember. Afterwards in about 2 yers, I sold the mac and bought a used pc with windows7 on it. Used that for a few years, got a free laptop from someone. Then bought an RCA cambio windows10 2-in-1 laptop. It is quite slow. So in January I will be getting a much better laptop that runs 64bit windows10. The RCA cambio only runs windows10 32bit and it is quite slow. But I was strapped for cash at the time and $100 for a slow laptop was better than nothing at all. 

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