Re: Office 365 & 2016

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Vicki W., if you want a stand-alone Microsoft Office, you will need to
purchase one from 2010 through 2019. I don't know whether newer is better,
I'm a crazy nonconformist still running Office2007 Ultimate NO LONGER
supported by Microsoft, but it still works and I don't have any
compatibility issues with files created in newer versions!

Office365 is subscription based. You will owe Microsoft about $9.99 per
month; I think I heard that an annual payment of $99 and change is a
possibility. I understand you can run this on about three computers. I
have also heard that it is constantly updated.

For me, dear sis, I don't want a subscription based app/software. I just
want to MAKE ONE PAYMENT and use it until the need for the next version
arises. But if what I have is serving me well, I won't even bother unless
it's a work-related requirement of some kind.

Not sure I helped, so I'll turn things over to others to chip in and help
make corrections where I've succeeded in screwing up. No worries, I'll take
the blame and shame for all of that!

Denver, Colorado

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