Re: Brand new to Mac, is Macbook Pro A1502 a good starter machine


I don’t game very much. When I do, it’s usually on my iPhone. Of course I spend most of my free time on the iPhone rather than a computer anymore.


On Oct 18, 2019, at 7:59 PM, Lenron <> wrote:

Mac has it's good points, but not enough for me to use it full time. I
keep trying to give it a chance. Interacting drives me nuts. If you
don't game it's a perfect machine. The Mac is also good for music

On 10/18/19, Victor <> wrote:

I have been using a Mac for about two years now and I love it! I have had no
trouble learning the voiceover commands. I have had no trouble with
interacting with collections, groups, side bars, toolbars or any of the
other elements related to using the Mac.

I have had such bad luck with using Windows computers that I have come to
despise the windows operating system! Though I have been very careful, I
have had three computers die because of malware, spyware and viruses. Plus,
I have had various programs become disabled because of those darn windows
updates! I have not used windows 10, but I have heard that some updates
continue to cause problems. In short, if I can help it, I will never get
another Windows computer again. I will either use a Mac or an iPad.
Actually, I like the iPad the most. It’s a matter of personal preference,
but the iOS and Mac operating systems are the ones I prefer.

As for the MacBook Pro, I have heard very good things about it. The only bad
thing I’ve heard is that the built-in butterfly keyboard tends to break
overtime and you have to have the Apple store replace it.

I like using a braille display with the Mac. It works very well. It also
works very well with the iPhone and the iPad.

Aside from the MacBook Pro, you might consider using an iPad as an
alternative to the traditional laptop computer. Some disagree, but many
claim that with the new iPad operating system, the iPad is a good
alternative to the traditional computer. Many claim that it will meet most
of your needs. I’ve done a little research, and some IT professionals are
using the iPad to do much of their work.

Again, this is all a matter of personal preference. However, I personally
recommend a Mac or an iPad. You might want to go into an Apple Store and
play with the iPad and the Mac for a while just to make sure you’ll like it.
Maybe you’ll be able to decide that before you buy it. If you decide that
you don’t like the Mac or the iPad, you can get a PC and not waste your
money on something that doesn’t work for you.

If you years ago, my supervisor at work purchased a Mac because he got tired
of windows. However, he still needed windows because there were certain
programs that he needed that were not on the Mac. So, he had windows loaded
on a Mac so that he could have the best of both. For him, that worked out
very well. If you decide to get a MacBook Pro, that may be an option for you
as well. Again, personal preference.


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Do you like using a braille display with the Mac?

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