Re: Brand new to Mac, is Macbook Pro A1502 a good starter machine

Josh Kennedy

If you want to save $50, you could go for an iPod touch instead of an iPad. The iPod touch does everything the iPad can do. Only difference is that its screen is a lot smaller. I use my iPod touch for most things these days. But if you are in school and you need a bigger screen for classrooms and such, then I'd say go with the iPad. I really like iOS. I also like my windows machine. But I do not like macBooks and mac computers with all their interacting and stop interacting ways of doing things. But iOS and windows are both nice. And for my smartPhone I just use a xiaomi mi a1 android phone with tracFone. I love the fact that iOS supports so many braille languages, now I can finally learn Japanese braille if I wish. 

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