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Mike B.

Hi Kerryn,
If you're running J2018 and up & Windows 10 and your screen is dark I believe you're referring to the Screen Shade feature.  Below are 2 ways of enabling / disabling.
1. Hold down the, Insert key, and press the,spacebar, to activate the layerd keystrokes feature, now press the, Print Screen key, and this will toggle Screen Shade on / off.
2. To check if the Screen Shade feature is on or off, go into the quick settings menu with, Insert + V, or Capslock + V. if you are using the laptop layout
 In the search field type, shade, and press enter.
Next, down arrow one time and JAWS should state whether Screen Shade is checked or nott.
 If it's checked pres the spacebar to uncheck / disable it, then tab to the, Okay button and press enter to save and close quick settings.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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What problems are you having with subject lines?
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guys how to get my subject line done?

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