Re: Brand new to Mac, is Macbook Pro A1502 a good starter machine


When I first received my iPhone 7 Plus, a woman helped me set it up with all of the various apps. I asked her which operating system she preferred. She told me that she liked the windows operating system better than the Mac operating system because she thought windows was more flexible. But she also said that she thought the iPad Pro and its operating system was just as good as windows. Go figure! This just shows that every opinion is different. You know what they say about opinions. LOL


On Oct 19, 2019, at 12:52 PM, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:

If you want to save $50, you could go for an iPod touch instead of an iPad. The iPod touch does everything the iPad can do. Only difference is that its screen is a lot smaller. I use my iPod touch for most things these days. But if you are in school and you need a bigger screen for classrooms and such, then I'd say go with the iPad. I really like iOS. I also like my windows machine. But I do not like macBooks and mac computers with all their interacting and stop interacting ways of doing things. But iOS and windows are both nice. And for my smartPhone I just use a xiaomi mi a1 android phone with tracFone. I love the fact that iOS supports so many braille languages, now I can finally learn Japanese braille if I wish. 

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