A Computer Weirdness that turned out Positive!


My experiences with Computer Weirdness's are usually not Fun, and so
often cause me to pull my Hair out while trying to fix it.

but, finally, I have a Strange Computer Weirdness that has turned out
for the better.  Not Kidding!

For a long time now, I have used Gold Wave to record and Edit stuff I
listen to from the Internet.   Sometimes those recordings can go for an
hour or more, up to 5 hours at times.

I have always had to manually stop the Recording when the Lecture ended,
but not any more.

No matter how long or short the video, when it ends, Gold Wave stops
recording, and then waits for me to do something.

There may be a Switch inside Gold Wave that allows this to happen all
the time, but up until the last couple of weeks, I've never found such a

Some how some way, if there is a Switch, it has gotten flipped, and I
have no idea how it happened.

But, at least this Weirdness turns out to be a Good one, instead of the
kind that cause me to Bang my Head against the Wall.

Grumpy Dave

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