Re: how can I tell if a web site is legitimate?

Steve Matzura

There's no easy way to solve this one. And this is exactly how we get roped in--by finding a good deal, or what looks like one. You know what good old P.T. Barnum said about suckers being born every minute. While you may not qualify as one just because of this error, you learned something: investigate before laying your money down. I'm sure you also know the old addage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You may get lucky and get exactly what you ordered, but again, when the merchandise comes, have someone with good sight examine it carefully for obvious defects such as bad stitching, thin material that appears as though it won't stand up to wear and washing, etc. If the Website says it's made in one country but the label says it's made in another, there's another sign you've been had, but by then it may be too late. Good thing you paid with PayPal. While sometimes they've been known to be slow, they do get your money back in the end.

And of course there's good old Google, which you can use to find reviews of the site, its products and practices. Read the reviews on the site as well. If you find too many good ones, that might be a tipoff. Also, when you're buying sports memorabilia such as clothing, you also want to make sure it's from a licensed vendor. You might decide to buy it for investment purposes in the hope that your player or team does something memorable in the future, and then you have something of theirs from the past that could be resold at a handsome profit. But if it turns out that the item for sale was not legitimately licensed--and teams and individuals license their stuff with a single company a lot--then you might just be left holding the proverbial bag. Sports stadia parking lots are filled with vendors hawking these knock-off products and the cops are always cracking down on them. They're counterfeit merchandise if they say they're licensed and really aren't. Hope you don't wind up getting took.

On 10/20/2019 6:32 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:
Hi all,

I ordered a baseball jersey this afternoon, and my mom was helping me look and when she found it I didn't realize until after I made my order that it's on and not on which is where I normally order baseball things from. On top of that when I called the telephone number on the site to ask questions I was connected with a realty company, and last but not least the jersey was regular $139.99 but it was on sale for $59.99. Oh and the contact e-mail was a gmail account.

All of this started making me suspicious but unfortunately I didn't realize all of this until the order was already made. Fortunately I made the purchase with pay pal so I can get my money back if I either don't receive the product or if it's not what I want when I get it, but is there a way for me to tell in the future if a site is legitimate? I usually make purchases through or in this case the official baseball site, but as I said above my mom found this jersey and I didn't stop to think about how suspicious it all sounds until after I made the purchase.


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