Re: Laptop Battery Use

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Jeff, sadly somewhat; Sony DOES NOT make laptop toys anymore! I have a Sony
Vaio with a removable battery. When my toy is plugged in, I simply YANK OUT
its battery and let it run on power 24 hours a day.

When my restless legs choose to roam outside my domicile, I bring my toy
with me. Several hours before departure, I re-insert the battery into its
chamber and give it enough charge until my restless legs and I arrive at our
new hideout.

I personally DO NOT like toys that won't let me remove the battery as
needed. Unfortunately, smartphones are pretty much that way now. I do have
an Asus Windows8.1 box that has its battery tightly sealed in; I will have
to remove several screws to get to it. It's a toy that doesn't get much
use; that said, one of these many days, I will bring out all my screw
drivers and get busy knocking things around in its innards. Why? 'Cause I
want to know whether or not its battery is soldered in or easily removable
after yanking out any number of screws.

Denver, Colorado

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