Re: What is the Best way to find out space used and available on a T - Drive

Geoff Eden

Or, press insert tab while pointing a drive in file explorer, if using JAWS.

From: Mike B
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] What is the Best way to find out space used and available on a T - Drive
Yo Bro,
Try the following for each drive to get the properties of the drive:
1. Open Computer / your list of drives by pressing, Windows key + E, or press enter on the, Computer, icon on the desktop.
2. Down arrow to select / highlight the 1st drive you want to get the properties of and press, Alt + Enter, to open properties, or open the context menu by pressing the applications key, arrowing up to, Properties, and pressing enter.
3. Give the drive a couple of seconds to populate / load the data.  Now route the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor with the keystroke, Insert + Numpad minus / Jaws cursor key and down arrow to get the results.  You'll hear, Used Space, so listen closely to what Jaws is saying because you'll hear a long number that is the number of bytes, then you'll hear the number of GB used.
4. Down arrow again to hear, Free Space, and again just like step 3 you'll hear the long number and then the number of GB that is free space.
5. use  the same steps from above on each external drive.

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From: Alan
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Subject: [TechTalk] What is the Best way to find out space used and available on a T - Drive
Dear Friends,
I am organizing all my Data files, using 3 different external T - Drives and
2 other drives I have in 2 different computers.  I have a lot of music,
books and movies, and want all this Data backed up on at least 2 different
drives in case one drive fails.
I need to know the best, fastest and simplest way to see how much space is
on my drives, used spaced and available space, so I can distribute the data
more  or less equally on all the different drives.
Can some one please give me the key stroke to see the space on a drive, and
thanking you in advance.
With best regards.
God Bless.
Plantation, Sunny South Florida

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