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Creating Playlists using Winamp


There are several different ways of doing most things on computers. This process below has worked with XP, 7, 8 and 10.


There are simple ways of creating playlist files (.M3U, .PLS, etc.) within Winamp alone (without having to install anything extra) and here are the directions below:


1. Open up Winamp.

2. Within the Winamp Playlist Editor tab we'll call it (Alt+E) which is where you have all of your chosen tracks. To choose individual tracks to add to this list, just highlight/select whatever tracks on your machine or other drives that you are wanting to add to the playlist, use your applications key (Shift+F10)

3. Then press E for Enqueue in Winamp. Do this with whatever tracks, albums, folders that have anything you are wanting to add to the playlist that you are interested in creating.

4. When finished adding all you desire to add, go to the Winamp Playlist Editor tab like before (probably only needing to Control+Tab to it if focus is not already there) You can arrow up and down to check out what you've placed within the playlist use the keystroke Control+S to save the playlist you've put together. Name and save it wherever you prefer. It can be moved anywhere on the machine, it's just the files within this playlist you've put together can't be moved for them to continue to work with the playlist itself.


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I would like to be able to create a play list that would play a large amount of music in Winamp, but I don’t have the foggiest idea how to even get started creating one.  I want to actually make a play list, not just tell Winamp to play a folder.  Anyone have any JAWS oriented tutorials on creating playlists, or recommendations for a decent, accessible playlist editor?

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