Re: my laptop battery

Vicki W

Do you know about where they are on the laptop? I'm not finding them anywhere.


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my wife is using this model & i guess, i have taken out its battery a
few times. There are 2 thin switches located below the laptop. Request
you to loook for them.

As to where you may be able to find the replacement, i guess, any of
the online stores should be able to supply you the battery.

i guess, i am not wrong about my observations.

thank you,


On 10/22/19, Vicki W <vwherry4@...> wrote:
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T460S
System Model 20FAS3HC00
laptop and I am thinking I need to replace the battery soon. However, there
doesn't seem to be a way to remove it from the computer and I'm not finding
a replacement battery.

Does anyone have any experience with this model as far as the battery is
concerned? I'm about to call Lenovo but thought I'd ask first.



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