Re: Dear Friends, Should I do a "Disk Clean Up" on my 8, 9, year old External T - Drives?


In general, except for one possible case, I doubt that doing a cleanup would accomplish anything. the purpose is to remove files that accumulate that don't do anything but waste space.  The operating system isn't on the external disks and you aren't running files on them.  You should have either no or almost no useless files if you just use it for storage.  One thing I don't know about is something like System Restore keeping a record of what is on your drive.  I see no point in that, and, if it is monitoring your drive, you might save room, I'm not sure how much, by stopping monitoring.  If the old file is left, that keeps information about the drive, you might save room, but I don't know how much, if you remove the file. 
But others who know more may comment on that.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Dear Friends, Should I do a "Disk Clean Up" on my 8, 9, year old External T - Drives?

Dear Friends,
In organizing the Music files, audio books and DVS Movie files I collected
over the past 7, 8, 9 years,  I realized I never did a "Disk Cleanup", on
these External single Terabyte Seagate Drives I have.
Should I do a "Disk Clean Up" on my 8, 9,  year old T - Drives?
They were almost full, so I copied 100 GB from Each to a 4 - Terabyte
External Drive
What should I expect to happen, How long would it take, Will it give me a
little more room, is a "Disk Clean up like a Defrag, will my T - Drives run
faster? is there anything I should be leery of ?
Thanking you in advance for your advice and assistance,
With best regards.
God Bless.
Plantation, Sunny South Florida

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