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Richard <thegothot@...>

Hi Steven,
Here are the steps I have been using for the past 18 years, and have had no
There are other ways of doing this, this is just the one I prefer,
and it may seem lengthy, but there is actually more verbiage than actions.

Creating a playlist for Winamp:

Winamp should be set as the default audio player, and configured properly in
order for these steps to work.
These steps were written using Winamp 5.623 on Windows 7 and Jaws 2019,
and should work fine as long as the following requirements are met:
1. Winamp is the default player.
2. Winamp is configured to show Winamp actions in the context menu.
3. Files in the playlist are not moved from their location when the playlist
was created.
4. If files are on an external drive, that drive will need to be connected
and turned on before Winamp starts in order for it to find the files.

1. Select the files you want to be in the playlist, and then press the
applications key, or shift F10 to open the context menu.
2. From the list of available options, select "encue in Winamp", and press
3. Repeat the steps above , until you have your playlist complete.
Once you have completed your playlist, start Winamp to make sure the files

4. Next, open the run dialogue, and type a period, and press enter.
This will open your user folder.
5. Select app data, and press enter to open it.
By default, the app data folder is hidden, so you will have to make it show
to access it.
6. Select "roaming", and press enter.
7. Select the Winamp folder and open it.
8. Select the "winamp.m3u file, and press the F2 key to rename the file,
giving it a name suitable for your playlist.
9. At this point, you can simply cut the file from the folder, and place it
on your Desktop, Start Menu, or the root of the "C" drive, or leave it where
it is, and create a shortcut to it.
Removing this file from Winamp will not cause any problems, since a new one
is created when Winamp starts.
10. You can follow these steps to create as many playlists as you wish
You can copy the file path below , replacing the "User Name", with the name
of your folder, to get directly to the Winamp folder.

Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Winamp

Windows Vista &Windows 7:

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Winamp
This should also work with Windows 10, although I haven't been able to get
Winamp to work correctly on my system yet.


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Hi Rick. I would love to have your play list instructions. Thanks for
taking the time to provide them for me.

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Hi Steven,
I can write those instructions, and post them later today.

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I would like to be able to create a play list that would play a large amount
of music in Winamp, but I don't have the foggiest idea how to even get
started creating one. I want to actually make a play list, not just tell
Winamp to play a folder. Anyone have any JAWS oriented tutorials on
creating playlists, or recommendations for a decent, accessible playlist

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