Re: Hot Key for command prompt at current folder


You can try doing this:

Using your example, navigate to the folder using the file explorer.
Once your there,
Press the ALT key and tap the letter D key to jump up to the address
bar. Pressing any key will delete the path that's highlighted, just
type cmd and press the enter key to open a command prompt at that

To go the other way, that is to say to jump from a command prompt to a
file explorer window in that location, type this command at the
start .
which is the word start, a space, a period and then press the enter key.
This will open a file explorer window at that location.

It's 2019 and the command prompt isn't dead yet!


On 10/25/19, Gene <> wrote:
I am not aware of such a command, you are working with a DOS prompt. But
there is an easy way to get to the folder, as I recall. I can't tell you
exactly how to do this because I don't have Windows 10. But when you are
using file explorer, there should be a way to open the folder and then copy
and paste the address to the clipboard. Then you can open the DOS prompt,
type cd and then space and paste the address into the command line.

I can't check that in Windows 10 and I'm not sure if it will require you to
add anything manually to the address, but it will give people something to
experiment with.

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Good day everyone. Is there a way in Windows 10 to get command prompt to
open at the current folder. For example, I would like to navigate to a
folder called OTR\Radio Mystery Theater\Season 3, and then open command
prompt and land in the folder c:\otr\radio mystery theater\season 3?

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