Re: Dear Friends, Need help with sounds, got New Headphones, and not the same strength on both sides!

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Yo dog,
If this is a USB headset and you're currently using it, try the following.  Note;  your computer will see a USB headset as another soundcard, so this is normal.  Also, I don't have a USB headset handy, so the steps below are the best I can do.  If you can't get this figured out call me in the morning around 1:00 pm your time.
1. If you have the Speakers icon in the system tray press, Insert + F11, to open the system tray.
2. Find the Speakers icon and press enter, then find and press enter on Playback devices.
3. Up and down arrow to find / select the Sony entry, but don't press enter.
4. Tab to the, properties button, and press enter or spacebar.
5. Now go through the tabs and you'll probably want the Levels tab, and tab through to see / change your balance settings.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Dear Friends, Need help with sounds, got New Headphones, and not the same strength on both sides!

Dear Friends,
Can some one please help me, I just purchased a new Sony Headphone set, and
it does not sound like my Old Sony Headphones.
My last set of Sony lasted over 2 years, but it could not contain any more
PVC tape, it had been dropped and sat on, just too, too many times!
I am using a USB Microphone, and that is not an issue, just the headphones.
It seems music is much, much louder on one side than the other, it is there,
but since it is a Stereo  headphone, it needs to be equal in strength, and
for some reason this new headphone set does not do that.
I looked and felt the new headphones  to see if there was a way to adjust
the headphones, but nothing there.
I guess I need to go into my Windows 7 settings into the Sound section and
make some adjustments.
Will some one please give me step by step instructions how to do that , make
the left side of the Stereo sound the same strength as the right side?
I would very much appreciate it.
Thanking you in advance.
With best regards.
God Bless.
Plantation, Sunny South Florida

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