Re: A puzzling Alexa observation

Leedy Diane Bomar

Do you have a subscription to Amazon music? I wonder if that makes a difference? I do have an Amazon music subscription.

 Diane Bomar

On Oct 30, 2019, at 21:39, Vicky Vaughan <vrvaughan63@...> wrote:

When I do not specify John Denver after the name of the song, like yours, it comes back with a different song.  However, it says that it cannot find it, if I do say his name. 


This is so frustrating, when it is clearly in Amazon’s database, since it does play it when I ask for the album by john Denver that contains it.


Sincerely, Vicky V


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Does this happen when you specify the artist's name?


I just tried it with my Echo, and without specifying that it was by John Denver, it played a different song.


 Diane Bomar

On Oct 30, 2019, at 20:37, Vicky Vaughan <vrvaughan63@...> wrote:

Hi List, I have both an Alexa Dot second gen and a Fire tablet running version 5.6.  I have noticed that if I ask Alexa on either device to play the song entitled, “The Ballad of Saint Anne’s Reel”, she responds with, “I can’t find the Ballad of Saint Anne’s Reel.

However, if I then ask her to play the album “Autograph” by John Denver, she does and I have to tell her to keep skipping songs until she reaches the fifth song, which happens to be The Ballad of Saint Anne’s Reel.


Do any of you have the faintest idea why this is?


Thanks for any thoughts.


Sincerely, Vicky V



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