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Gene, these are really good questions. I do a bit of intensive tasks such as file conversions. Like you, I'm not concerned about how long its going to take to open a web page or a document. I'm going to compare the cost of a couple different systems just to get a sense of the price difference.

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I haven't used a machine with a SSD but I think the answer of whether someone would benefit depends on the answers to the following questions and perhaps others I haven't thought of, but I would think these are the main ones.
How much more does an equivalent machine cost with both drives?
Another question is how do you use the computer?  I can see where someone would save a significant amount of time if they do things that require a lot of disk activity such as converting audio files to different formats or recording and saving a lot of files in a compressed format that, I would think, would take longer with a mechanical drive.  So do you anticipate doing disk intensive activities often enough to pay whatever the higher cost of the computer might be? 
I'm presenting the following as points of discussion. 
I don't care if programs open faster.  And as far as boot time, there are ways to get very fast boots using a mechanical hard drive, such as using sleep instead of shutting down.  You should reboot after awhile but using something like sleep mostly eliminates long boot times. 
Where speed might be nice is in opening web pages.  I don't know how much increased speed you might get but that is something for further discussion.  I don't care, myself.  If I'm going to spend two or five or ten minutes reading something, I don't care if the page opens in three or four seconds, as some do on my mechanical drive machine, or perhaps in one second. I don't know if that much time would be saved, but I don't care about such savings.  You may. 
In short, I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.  I think it depends on what the person cares about and how the computer is used and what the cost difference is.
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Hello listers, I'd like some advice regarding specs for a new desktop.
I've been doing a bit of research and I'm noticing that these days, some
manufacturers are building systems with two internal hard drives. For
example, some of the newer Dell machines use an ssd as the boot drive
and a mechanical drive for storage. I'd like some opinions as to whether
it would be better to go with this type of machine or to purchase
something with just a mechanical hd as the main drive.

All opinions are welcome.


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