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James Bentley



If not the registrey, then what gets cleaned?


James B




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CCleaner has a registry cleaner but you don't have to use it. 



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CCleaner is a dangerous tool, heartily disrecommended by Microsoft. In
this day and age, Registry cleaners have no real purpose any more. The
amount of space taken up by keys you don't need, and the amount of time
taken to search through those unneded keys and values is less than

On 11/1/2019 7:49 AM, Samuel Wilkins wrote:
> Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an
> accessible computer Maintenance software.  I used to use Glarysoft but
> that isn't accessible.  I've heard that C Cleaner might be accessible,
> can anyone confirm this, and if not, is there a better one available? 
> Thank you.

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