Re: A puzzling Alexa observation

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

I'm not in the Alexa/Echo world, I am Google's fan child! On My Shiny
Google Home, it is possible to have music played for you off free Spotify.
However, there will be a lot of advertising; the songs will be shuffled and,
if you can wait with some patience, your requested tune will be played.
Don't like to wait? Oh well, grab a subscription for $9.99 for one person,
or $14.99 for SIX subscribers and they don't have to live in the same

Are you a student? You just got lucky! You may be able to grab a Spotify
subscription for $5.99 or thereabout; but you do need to prove that you are
indeed a student and I don't recall how that is done.

Personally, all my music come from Google's PlayMusic. I like its
selections better. I didn't take a subscription, it's ok, let all the ads
run; after these are done, I get more music pretty much round the clock!
This has been my experience and I have not had to tweaked anything; the
mileage may vary for all others.

Denver, Colorado

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