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The minimum amount of moderation you can have is for the first message of a new member to be moderated.  There is no setting for completely no moderation.  I don't know what is done when nonmembers post and there is no setting for that.  Is my suspicion correct that every message from nonmembers must be approved or is the software smart enough to know when the same nonmember posts twice and allow the message through without approval?

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Oh I sure do know how all-pervasive they are. I'm quite familiar with the interface, expanding links and all, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what setting I should set and to what value in order to make the group behave in the desired way. IN certain respects though, having the first message from an outsider require moderation is not a bad thing--keep spam to almost zero as long as the group owner/moderator is on top of message rejections--so maybe I'll just leave it alone.

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Go to the group page for the group.  You will find a more button at the bottom of the screen.  Press the space bar on it.  There are a lot of items when you expand it in that way.  Move down until you find settings.  Press enter.  It's a link.  Then look at the settings on the page.  You should find the ones for what you want to set.
I don't know if you realize how pervasive this is so for you, if it is useful, and for others, I'll say the following:
These days, more and more web sites are using buttons to have things not take up room on screen until you expand them by activating the button.  Don't assume where these buttons are.  As I said, the more button is the last item on the page, at least the way we see it.
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I am the owner of several groups on this service. There is one group I'm
having a bit of trouble with figuring out how to set so that
non-subscribers may post without needing approval, but the list itself
is not open to public subscription. In other words, the only way one can
become a member of the group is by invitation, but anyone from the
outside can post. I would even accept first posts require approval, then
everything thereafter from a first-message-approved user could go
through, while said user remained unsubscribed. All replies go to the
members only, so if you're an outsider and you post something to the
group, members have to reply to you specifically as well as to the group
for everyone to see the reply. Mailman was very good at this kind of
setup, but I just can't figure out what checkboxes to check (or not) to
emulate this behavior.

Any thoughts or ideas gratefully accepted, with my thanks in advance.

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