Re: Needing some advice on purchasing a new desktop

James Bentley

Be careful if you decide to choose a laptop instead of a desktop.  I got stuck with a quad core AMD in an HP laptop that was slower than a tranquilized snail.  Now, It got a lot better after I did the Windows refresh to get rid of a mountain of bloatware.  Actually, I’m not sure if MS calls that refresh or fresh start.


In addition, some of those AMD laptops in the $250 to $400.00, price range from Amazon come with Windows S.


That means you can’t install any software unless it comes from the Microsoft Store.  That includes Jaws, NVDA, and much more.


I haven’t really looked at AMD desktops, which is really what you were discussing,  but if buying a budget model, watch out for Windows S.  Its kind of like Microsoft’s answer to Chrome Book.  Great for sighted individuals on a super tight budget but a deal breaker for persons needing a fully functional screen reader.


I am not at all sure about recent AMD processors but they had a bad reputation in the past because some of their drivers would not play well with screen readers.




James B



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I noticed that nobody has mentioned desktops with AMD processors? They are less expensive overall than intel processors and are just as good. Just look up desktop with AMD ryzen processors on amazon and see what you find. 

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