Making Thunderbird Default when using Send To Menu

Lisa Belville

Hi, all.

I'm using Windows 10 with NVDA and Thunderbird 60.9.

I wanted to send someone an attachment and tried using the send to context menu from within windows explorer.  There's an option in that menu to send mail.  When i choose mail recipient, Windows tells me there's no default program for doing this.  I made sure Thunderbird was selected as my default mail app and tried to send the attachment again and got the same dialog.

Thunderbird has been the only Email program I've used since purchasing this PC, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

I know I can send attachments from Thunderbird by creating a new message, finding the attachment option and navigating to where the file is stored, but sometimes using the Send to menu in windows Explorer is more efficient.

How can I get windows to recognize that I want to use Thunderbird when using this option?




Lisa Belville

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