Re: Needing some advice on purchasing a new desktop

James Bentley

Yeah, I think Ninite is great.  What a time saver for getting the latest versions of software installed with no stupid bloatware.


I suspect that many of the budget laptops are shipped out with 5400 RPM mechanical drives but that is financially necessary at times. 


I did not know that you can alter Windows S to load non-Microsoft Apps.  I am almost sure that that voids the warranty and. And many individuals do not have enough experience to try.


But this info is good to know just in case.




James B

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Needing some advice on purchasing a new desktop


Just because it has windows s does not mean you cannot install jaws or NVDA. All you have to do is switch it out of s-mode, into the unrestricted windows 10 home mode. This can be done for free and the process is easy and accessible. Just google search switch windows 10 out of s mode. And then once you are out of s-mode then you can install whatever you want. But once you switch out of s mode, there is no going back unless you jump through complicated technical hoops to make a custom windows 10 in s mode installer and put it onto a USB flash drive. But really why would you want to go back to s mode once you switched out of it? Also getting a laptop with s mode can save you money. And if it has an ssd, solid state drive, it will run really fast. Just make sure the first thing you do after setting it up is switch it out of s mode. Then use to quickly install your favorite apps including the NVDA screen reader. I like ninite, because it lets me quickly get up and going with a new computer and my most commonly used applications with little hastle or effort. 


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