Re: keyboards with an Applications key

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Lenron, spank me for sending you back to Logitech; thereafter, bring
out the wine and beer and let's have fun!

For what you're seeking, check out the Logitech MK270. It does have an
applications key between the Control and Altr keys on the right side of the
keyboard. It is typically sold with a wireless mouse combo and comes with a
USB dongle. The two AAA batteries don't seem to know how to run out. I
can't recall when I changed them last, but they do keep on going and letting
me get work done on either the computer or on My Shiny Android toys!

Oh, almost forgot; this keyboard should be plentiful on Amazon. That said,
if you can't find it, please drop me a short note privately and we'll figure
things out from there.

Denver, Colorado

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