How do I get Jaws to number emails in Outlook using Jaws

James Bentley

Hi all,


I’ve been using Outlook with IMap for over a week now.  I am grateful to all who talked me in to trying it again.  4 or 5 years ago, it didn’t work for me.  Now, I have a faster internet connection and faster computers and I am loving Outlook and imap.


I still have one more item that I hope can be resolved.  I want to know how many emails are in my In-box and where I am in the list.  For example, if I have 100 emails in my In-Box and I am on email number 50, I would like Jaws to say 50 out of 100.


I have the check box in folder properties checked that tells Outlook to number all mail.  What else should I try?


I am using Jaws 19, Office365 and Windows10.


Thanks for any ideas,


James B


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