Re: keyboards with an Applications key

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Lenron wrote in part:

"So I am guessing this one has the alt windows apps key and control key on
the right hand side?"

The Alt and Control keys are there on the right hand side alright, but not
the extra Windows key. It has only one Windows key and that's on the left,
located between the Control and Alt Keys. But the Applications key is
definitely there on the right!

I didn't realise you also wanted the extra Windows key. It's been over a
thousand years since I played with the type of keyboard that has an extra
Windows on the right. Back when I had one, I had to be tethered to the
computer to use it. It wasn't wireless, but had a USB plug with about a
three or six-foot cord.

Ok, since I goofed, I'll just miss the beer and wine party and go bury my
face in that pillow and practise snoring for giggles!

Denver, Colorado

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