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I have a USB keyboard that has an applications key but not an extra windows key on the right. I like this keyboard because it has six programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard but does not require two USB ports like many gamers keyboards. It also does not require drivers discs or applications like many gamers keyboards. It is the Corsair K55 and while not wireless and not having the extra Windows key I do not regret buying it.

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hahah no worries I was just asking because the model I have here has the windows key on the right, and not the apps key. Kind of really annoyed me when I got it. It's also a logitech and mouse combo. So I ordered the keyboard late last night. It will be here tomorrow. I really don't care about the size of the keyboard. Will try this one and hope it works out. Hopefully I can get me the mechanical Logitech keyboard I want at some point. I really hate having to use the shift
f10 command just to be able to right click.

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Chief Lenron wrote in part:

"So I am guessing this one has the alt windows apps key and control
key on the right hand side?"

The Alt and Control keys are there on the right hand side alright, but
not the extra Windows key. It has only one Windows key and that's on
the left, located between the Control and Alt Keys. But the
Applications key is definitely there on the right!

I didn't realise you also wanted the extra Windows key. It's been
over a thousand years since I played with the type of keyboard that
has an extra Windows on the right. Back when I had one, I had to be
tethered to the computer to use it. It wasn't wireless, but had a USB
plug with about a three or six-foot cord.

Ok, since I goofed, I'll just miss the beer and wine party and go bury
my face in that pillow and practise snoring for giggles!

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