Re: keyboards with an Applications key

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Lenron, Yes, I hate using the Shift-F10 keystroke as the Applications
key. I still have sitting on my desk a Logitech keyboard that I grabbed
eons back. It didn't come with an Applications key. What then attracted me
to this keyboard? Selfishness without a doubt! It is a solar-powered
keyboard meaning that it can be charged from any source of light. Now I
don't have to worry about batteries! It also came with a mouse combo and a
USB dongle. It doesn't even have a Windows key on the right side of the

Yikes, thinking I was being prudent, I wound up shortchanging myself big

So, I took a trip to Microcenter, stumbled upon the MK270, stole three: One
at home, two at my store, the second one is a backup keyboard just in case I
can't find this make and model anymore on any shelf.

Now I can put on a few rags and head out for the wine and beer party, should
be fun. I'm sure you'd like the keyboard. One more thing: It does have
eight media keys above the F1-F12 keys. It also has a recessed button to
the far-right that serves as an on/off button. You'd need your fingernails
for this methinks. I have left it turned on for eternity and I have never
experienced any problems and, as I said, the two AAA batteries don't know
when to quit, they just enjoy work.

Denver, Colorado

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