Re: How do I get Jaws to number emails in Outlook using Jaws


You've been saying this for quite sometime and I personally have not noticed
at all the fact that filters within Outlook cause the amounts of emails
within whatever given folder not to be mentioned.

I think whomever it is that gave you this idea was not only in-correct, but
they most likely while helping you in the past, came up with this idea
because of their messing with filters and magically JAWS started once again
saying the amounts of emails. Once again though, I myself have not noticed
anything in regards to filters limiting the amounts of emails being able to
be announced by JAWS, but I know that you have it pretty hard set within
your mind that this seems to be the reason.

Creating Filters/Rules for Outlook

1. Highlight whatever email and use your Applications key or Shift+F10
keystroke and arrow to Rules submenu... hit enter.
2. Up arrow once to highlight Manage Rules and Alerts... hit enter. This is
going to open up a Rules and Alerts dialogue where you can create,
manage/modify and setup rules.

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Insert+Page Down used to tell me the number, which I gave
that command on another list. However, if the filters are
on, that command will provide no number information. I would
love to know how to remove the filter. But, Insert+8 will
sai a message and one out of seven or 22 out of 35, whatever
is there.

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in Outlook using Jaws

As far as being announced 50 out of 100 not at all sure of
how one would do that with JAWS. Hearing how many emails
within whatever given folder, just try using the keystroke
(while focus is within this folder)


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Outlook using Jaws

Hi all,

I've been using Outlook with IMap for over a week now. I am
grateful to all who talked me in to trying it again. 4 or 5
years ago, it didn't work for me. Now, I have a faster
internet connection and faster computers and I am loving
Outlook and imap.

I still have one more item that I hope can be resolved. I
want to know how many emails are in my In-box and where I am
in the list. For example, if I have 100 emails in my In-Box
and I am on email number 50, I would like Jaws to say 50 out
of 100.

I have the check box in folder properties checked that tells
Outlook to number all mail. What else should I try?

I am using Jaws 19, Office365 and Windows10.

Thanks for any ideas,

James B

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