Re: keyboards with an Applications key

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Billy wrote:

"Late to this thread, but I'm looking for a full sized wireless keyboard
with a numeric keypad."

Well sir, head over to and see if you can grab the same
keyboard I recommended to Chief Lenron! It is the Logitech MK270; it's
typically sold in the U.S. with a wireless mouse combo, comes with a USB
dongle for the wireless connection, and uses two AAA batteries!

I've done a number of crazy experiments with this keyboard; sitting in my
kitchen wearing a wireless headset, I was able to get work done; of course,
my toy was three rooms behind where I sat. These two AAA batteries don't
like going on strike; they just keep on working and I've been using this
keyboard for longer than I can recall.

Denver, Colorado

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