Re: A new free antivirus program

Vicki W

I have that version on my older desktop and for months I keep getting a message to update it. I'm not sure that it updates the definitions, but it will bug you several times a day to update the program.

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Subject: [TechTalk] A new free antivirus program

Recently, my Microsoft Security Essentials developed a problem.  It downloads definitions but can't install them, it says there is a connection or network problem, but it first shows that it is downloading for many minutes.  I tried manually downloading definitions but they won't install.
I may have to use another program on my Windows 7 machine.  I don't use the machine online much and infection isn't likely but I'd still like something. 
I recently saw a discussion about using version 8 of Esset.  Does such an old version still do a good job and are there problems it causes in operation of the computer or performance?
Thanks for any information.

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