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I bought my iPhone 11 about two weeks ago and it has no home button. I have already gotten used to living without the home button.

As mentioned, you turn voiceover on by pressing the power button on the side three times. The rest is just a matter of swiping and getting used to the haptic feedback you will feel and hear.


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a Home Button

To turn onto triple click the power button. Swipe up with one finger til you feel and hear the ffirst haptic sound to go to home screen. One finger swipe up til you feel and hear second haptick to app switcher. There are good articles on all this on the Apple vis web site.

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Hello all, my brother, who is also blind, is considering a new iPhone. However, the latest iPhones do not have a home button. I was wondering how you use an iPhone without a home button, especially when it comes to turning on VoiceOver. Thank you in advance.

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