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Shelly Kane


You hit the nail on the head when you said something is causing the registry to lose the shortcut key.  Like you, I have no idea why this would be happening.  I have no idea how to use the send to feature.  Thanks for trying to help.


On 11/7/2019 12:56 AM, Gene wrote:
Try using Send To to send the short cut to the desktop and making the shortcut key there.  If you don't know how to use Send To to do this, someone will explain it.  I don't use Windows 10 and I'm not sure if the procedure is identical to yours in my versions of Windows so I'll leave the directions to others.
I have no idea if that will solve the problem.  the information for short cut commands is stored in the registry and it sounds as though something may be causing the registry to lose its information.  But what that may be, I don't know.
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        Hi Everyone:

Since using google chrome, I when to properties and put in a shortcut
key and I made it control alt C which works great but it only lasts a
couple of weeks and then deletes itself.  When I tried to hit control,
alt C, nothing happened so I went back into properties and I had to do
everything all over again.  I can't tell you how many times this has
happened since I started using Chrome.  Even when I put the shortcut key
in, I have to go to where it says and maximize it again.  Everything
that I have done deletes itself.  So after I maximize it, I hit apply
and then OK. All of my other programs are fine and the shortcut key
stays and doesn't delete itself.  I saw something in properties where it
says change Icon but I didn't do anything.  Any help on this would be
greatly appreciated.  I just have no idea why this keeps happening and I
even had someone who is sighted put it in there way and it deleted
itself like it does for me.


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