Re: Linking An Echo Device With A Bose Radio

Patrick Ford

Bose used to manufacture  a device called Bluetooth audio adapter. I don’t know if they still have this item.

I have one from about 5 years ago. It hooks up to the RCA jacks of the Bose – I use it with the larger boombox type radio/cd player. I don’t recall if the table top model has RCA  jacks.

But, it is called the Bluetooth audio adapter. Check the bose site to see if they still carry it. I believe it was around 50 dollars.



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Hi All,


We have an Echo Dot 3rd generation that we would like to link to a Bose table top AM / FM / DVD radio so we could listen to music through the radio instead of the Echo Dot.  I thought I had heard that Bose makes some sort of blue tooth device that will do this.  If anyone knows if this is accurate and can fill me in on how this works or has done this I would appreciate it greatly.  Thanks much.
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