I need help finding a blind user friendly microwave

James Bentley

Hi everyone,


My stupid microwave just stopped working.  Its almost 6 years old but I didn’t need another strain on my budget quite right now.


What I had was a Panasonic 2.2 cubit foot oven with inverter technology.


It had raised lines on the touch pad so I was able to use it without sight or sticky tabs.  Or, what ever you call those things.  I never have liked braille dots or sticky stuff on a microwave because it just eventually comes off  And I think it looks tacky.


So, does anyone know of a microwave, preferably from Amazon that has lines or bumps or buttons so I can use it.  Something around 1.6 to 2.2 cubit feet.  The inverter technology is awesome so I will go for that again.


I will be extremely grateful if someone knows where I might find what I want.


Maybe some of you already have a microwave with buttons or lines on the control panel.  If so, please find out the brand and model.


Many thanks,


James B



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