Re: I need help finding a blind user friendly microwave

Kay Malmquist

I have not seen this one yet, but it sounds interesting.
This Microwave is Alexa enabled and it is 1.5 Cubic Ft, can cook a 5-pound
chicken or most anything in it. It is a microwave, air fryer, Convection
oven and food warmer.

Rated power

1,000W microwave, 1,400W convection cook, 1,300W warming element

Power levels

10 microwave power levels

Apparently, there are tactile marks on the keypad and it has 30 presets and
a temperature probe.

Just go to the site
In the search box enter:
Amazon Smart Oven

You will then see a list of items where each has a Heading

There are more technical details there.

Kay Malmquist
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Hi all,

This is a hard request to fulfill because most microwaves that are in
stores and so on have touchpads that are inaccessible. There are ways
to make these accessible, but you don't want that, you say. I have the
microwave from Blind Mice Mart that costs a fair bit, but is
accessible. Don't know if there is anything that fits your specs.

Ann P.

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